Microsoft Power BI Embedded Now Supports Dashboard Cloning

The September update allows developers to quickly clone Power BI dashboards and tiles for their own applications.

Power BI Dashboards

Building on the existing report cloning capability in Power BI Embedded, Microsoft has added support for cloned dashboards and dashboard tiles as part of the Power BI developer updates for September.

Power BI Embedded allows developers to incorporate the cloud-based data analytics and business intelligence software's visualizations and reporting capabilities into third-party SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications. Report cloning allows independent software vendors (ISV) to quickly create a workspace template of sorts that can be reused to create a new work space for each new customer that comes on board.

Now, ISVs that use Power BI Embedded in their apps can fine tune the experience and still maintain the ability to quickly roll out additional work spaces by selectively cloning dashboards and the tiles that contain figures, charts and other data visualizations.

Before developers start cranking out clones, Microsoft program manager Nimrod Shalit suggested that they take some precautions.

"It's important to note that when cloning a dashboard tile between dashboards in the same work space, the tile will be [bound] by default to its source report or data set unless a new target source is defined," he wrote in a Sept. 18 blog post. "However, when cloning dashboard tiles between work spaces, you must first make sure the target work space already contains the target objects to bind to (report or data set)."

Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

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