Microsoft Power BI Visualizes Temboo's IoT Data Streaming

The companies team up to translate Internet of things sensor data into real-time dashboards for businesses.

Internet of things

Microsoft and Temboo, a New York-based Internet of things (IoT) programming specialist, have teamed to help businesses keep an eye on their IoT sensors.

Power BI, Microsoft's cloud-based business intelligence platform, supports the Temboo Streaming service, which dynamically generates the code required to link sensor data to cloud services. Now, in addition to analyzing business metrics, enterprises can use Power BI's real-time visualization capabilities to monitor their IoT deployments and extract insights.

"We increasingly live in a world in which everything emits data, presenting new and exciting opportunities for those who can harness it," said James Phillips, corporate vice president of Microsoft Power BI, in a statement. "Temboo Platform users can now stream data directly into Microsoft Power BI where it can be visualized and monitored in real-time, and analyzed using rich visual and natural language exploration capabilities."

In a company blog post, the Power BI team at Microsoft explained that cloud-based code virtualization technology that powers the Temboo platform "automatically generates production ready code across multiple programming languages for software and hardware developers." That capability not only streamlines the process of incorporating IoT data into an organization's cloud-enhanced IT environment, but also enables developers to get a leg up on their IoT applications.

"You can easily connect your hardware to the internet using the auto-generated code and copy/pasting into your IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics)," wrote the group. "Once connected, Temboo's platform allows you to perform more than 2,000 actions with your device."

In a separate post published on the Temboo Blog, the company explained how its Streaming service can be used to create full-featured IoT apps.

"Streaming is a nice complement to the Conditions features we added to IoT Mode last month, which allow you to use the same visual interface to specify how you want your hardware to trigger and respond to the Choreos that you are running," stated the company. Choreos, or Choreographies, are reusable code shortcuts that developers can string together to create workflows. "Taken together, these features let you use IoT Mode to quickly and easily generate code for complete, production-ready IoT applications that handle data and connect devices to the cloud."

Microsoft isn't the only tech giant to feature integrations with Temboo's IoT platform.

Temboo Streaming also supports Google's newly updated BigQuery analytics engine, which is now available from European data centers and ingests up to 100,000 rows per second per table. It can be used to program microcontrollers from Texas Instruments and Arduino, but the company plans to broaden support for more devices and data services soon.

"It's very important to us that people who are working with Temboo are able to choose the tools and services that they want to work with," said Trisala Chandaria, co-founder Temboo, in an April 14 launch announcement. "By keeping Streaming open, we think we've kept the value front and center in IoT Mode."

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