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Google introduces Music Beta by Google, which will allow users to pump up their songs into the search engine's cloud. This removes the step of using wires and cables used to port music from computers to mobile devices.

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Check out the uploading interface, which allows users to move their content from iTunes or Windows formats to the cloud. Users must download a client for both PC and Mac to upload songs.

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Music Library

Here is a look at the attractive Music interface. Note, this looks like a music storefront like Amazon or iTunes, but it's not at all. Users must upload their own content. Google is having disagreements with several labels over how to offer music.

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Users may also browse by artists, songs and genres. Or they can search and find ratings. Here is a playlist sample.

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Instant Mix

Google's Instant Mix feature lets users create a playlist of songs that go well together.

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Music on Honeycomb

Check out the user's playlist on a Motorola Xoom, viewable in the Honeycomb OS' 3D carousel. Making the music portable is crucial, and Google delivers.

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Android Phone

In that vein, users must be able to access music from their Android smartphone by signing into their Google account. The Google music beta app is available in the Android Market for Android 2.2 and later devices.

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Music Beta Terms

The beta is invite-only, with the ability to upload 20,000 songs. The service is free, and it stands to reason that if Google does not charge users outright for it when it goes live it will sell ads against the tunes to make money. After all, storing terabytes of music in the cloud can be costly.

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Renting Movies

Check out the "King's Speech," one of the thousands of titles users can stream from the Android Market to PCs, tablets and smartphone.

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Movie Selections on Honeycomb

Here are Android Market movie selections as seen on Honeycomb. Those who rent a movie will have 30 days to watch it, with 24 hours to finish it once they start.

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Via the Phone

Users may access and manage their content from their mobile phone as well. Users may also enjoy a feature called "pinning" to watch movies they rent even without an Internet connection. These movies reside on the user's device. This is great for movie watching on airlines.

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Movies-the Cost

Movies range from $1.99 to $3.99, Google said. The movies tablet app will launch with Android 3.1 update today on Verizon's 3G-connected Xoom. The smartphone app will be available for Android 2.2 devices and later in a couple weeks.

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