Nefsis Basic Serves Free Web Conferencing

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Nefsis Basic Serves Free Web Conferencing

by Andrew Garcia

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Basic Meetings

Nefsis Basic provides two concurrent users with access to a single standing meeting room. Upgrading to Pro allows the registered user to create additional quick or scheduled meetings.

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Basic Video

With Nefsis Basic, two users can have a low-resolution video chat (capping out at 352 by 288 pixels at 15 frames per second). A Pro subscription allows more concurrent users at HD-quality video.

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Desktop Share

Basic allows the host (or other participant if presenter rights are granted) to share either screen of a dual-monitor setup.

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Both participants can instant message within the meeting, along with the voice, video and collaboration sessions.

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Settings Toolbar

Users can get a quick look at system and conference security and performance metrics from the toolbar.

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Share Applications

Pro users can also share individual applications, rather than a document or a screen.

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Pro users have the ability to whiteboard within Nefsis, collaboratively highlighting or annotating shared Web pages, documents and applications.

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Bandwidth Monitor

The Pro version provides the conference host with a suite of additional tools to monitor call performance metrics, like bandwidth usage and network latency.

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