New Relic Delivers Windows Server Monitoring

New Relic announced that it has added Windows Server monitoring support to its cloud-based application performance management solution.

New Relic, a SaaS-based cloud application performance management provider, has announced Windows support for New Relic Server Monitoring.

New Relic Server Monitoring is a core capability of the company's free SaaS, or software as a service, application performance management (APM) tool that gives users visibility into server resource utilization as well as deeper insight into cloud application performance, the company said.

With the new offering, developers and system administrators can now easily monitor the health of their Windows servers free of charge.

"With Windows support now a core part of our Server Monitoring capability, we can help even more organizations manage the performance of their business-critical application environments," said Lew Cirne, New Relic founder and CEO, in a statement. "With New Relic's unique, holistic approach, our users get the most comprehensive, end-to-end view of application performance from the browser to the app to the server in one single tool and user interface without the hassle of multiple tools."

For its part, New Relic Server Monitoring measures system metrics for CPU, memory, network activity and processes, and delivers them in context with application performance and end-user monitoring data in a single user interface.

Users can drill down from a specific application performance issue directly to the system-level root cause. When used together, New Relic's Server Monitoring, Real User Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring create a comprehensive solution for managing the performance of business-critical Web application environments.

Up to now, New Relic Server Monitoring only supported Linux environments. However, since New Relic introduced the Server Monitoring agent in November 2011, the company received many requests to add support for Windows. As of Aug. 29, system administrators and developers can keep an eye on the health of their Windows server machines. Whether users are running a .NET app or an app written in another language, New Relic's Windows Server Monitoring provides visibility into the performance and health of their Windows servers.

"New Relic Windows Server Monitoring completes the picture for us in quickly understanding the performance of our entire application stack," said Tim Carruthers, vice president of engineering at Lattice-Engines, in a statement. "It provides an intuitive and easy to navigate UI, and allows us to drill down into critical resource aspects such as physical memory and disk I/O utilization. Being able to quickly access this data is critical to us not only when performing routine monitoring, but also when triaging performance issues across the entire system."

New Relic Server Monitoring for Windows is automatically included in all New Relic editions at no extra cost. Customers will need to upgrade their agent to the latest release and follow the on-screen instructions for enabling these features.