Nodeable's StreamReduce Gives Hadoop a Real-Time Shot in the Arm

New cloud service processes and analyzing streams of data in real time, speeds up Hadoop deployments.

Apache Hadoop is all the rage in enterprises that are installing new big data workload analytics deployments, and it is proving to be a huge asset for many IT and line-of-business decision makers.

But the popular batch-processing engine does have its weaknesses. One of them is that it isn't particularly fast to start up, because it has to get its arms around all that big data in the workload.


Another is that it doesn't come with an intuitive interface; for that, one needs to go to Cloudera, Greenplum, Hortonworks or another of the 120 or so providers now out there.

Another important "con," such as it is, is that Hadoop works on its own time, offline, and cannot offer results in any sort of real-time scenario.

However, there's now an app for that, and it comes from an unlikely source.

San Francisco-based Nodeable, which started up in 2011 as a Twitter-like notification service for systems management, has made a pivot in its business strategy, realizing the crying need for helping Hadoop become more user-friendly. Nodeable had a brainstorm, refined its product and is now offering a new cloud service for processing and analyzing streams of data in real time, co-founder and CEO Dave Rosenberg told eWEEK.

The service, called StreamReduce, runs on top of Twitter€™s open-source Storm framework and serves as a much-faster Hadoop front end. It also works with other batch-processing engines, such as Amazon Web Services Elastic Map Reduce.

"For almost a year, the engineering team at Nodeable has worked closely with more than 400 beta users who've told us that a real-time analytics complement to Hadoop is a top priority," Rosenberg said. "Batch workflows are too slow for turning data into useful, actionable information. StreamReduce solves that problem with a simple cloud-based solution."

Using StreamReduce, IT managers can gain immediate insights into their big data using Hadoop processing, giving users the benefits of on-the-spot analysis of their data streams.

Nodeable beta users can deploy StreamReduce for a variety of use cases, including log and clickstream analysis; anomaly detection in Amazon Web Services Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances; security and fraud detection; mobile and geo-location measurement; pinpointed advertising and marketing.

Nodeable's StreamReduce service is available now, Rosenberg said, with pricing starting at $99 per month.

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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