NovaSom Upgrades Cloud Portal for Sleep Apnea

NovaSom has launched a streamlined version of its sleep apnea cloud portal to speed up diagnostic testing and results tracking.

NovaSom, a company that conducts tests for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), has unveiled an updated version of its MediTrack cloud diagnostic portal.

MediTrack is a customer relationship management platform that enables doctors to track sleep test orders in real time.

Announced Jan. 14, the new version allows medical specialists to better integrate testing into their practices, Infosys, the company that built MediTrack, reported.

The streamlined interface of the new version speeds up order-to-delivery of sleep-monitoring devices, processing of diagnostic data and management of insurance claims, according to Infosys.

MediTrack allows doctors to customize billing, medical policies for insurance companies and therapy coordination so that doctors can manage sleep testing, OSA diagnosis and sleep therapy.

OSA is a condition involving a pause in airflow during breathing, causing narrowing or blockage of the airway. About 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

MediTrack allows doctors to message insurance companies regarding shipping and handling as well as device returns. It allows doctors to analyze patient sleep data and publish study results.

The platform also provides quality assurance, data review and test interpretation.

"Patients with OSA are at an increased risk of other chronic diseases," V.G. Dheeshjith, senior vice president and global head of life sciences at Infosys, said in a statement.

The Infosys cloud platform allows patients with OSA to receive faster, more improved care, said Dheeshjith.

"Leveraging our deep medical technology domain knowledge and harnessing the latest technical advancements has allowed us to enable NovaSom to facilitate rapid diagnostic and therapy cycles," said Dheeshjith.

MediTrack enables NovaSom to better administer and analyze home apnea tests results. It has allowed NovaSom to reduce the amount of time needed to process test results from three days to less than one day, according to Infosys.

In addition, the platform resulted in a 60 percent drop in pending order backlog and a 43 percent reduction in test-interpretation costs. hosts the MediTrack platform, which expands the reach of NovaSom's diagnostic solution suite, said Infosys.

NovaSom launched MediTrack in November 2011. MediTrack collects data from NovaSom's AccuSom wireless home sleep testing device. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved AccuSom as a medical device.

The AccuSom device features a multichannel sensor system to monitor respiration airflow, oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration and snoring. It transmits data wirelessly over Verizon's network to the MediTrack cloud platform.

"A quicker OSA diagnosis is critical to helping sufferers get the therapy they need sooner, and we are achieving that goal with the help of Infosys," Dr. Richard Hassett, CEO of NovaSom, said in a statement. "The customized MediTrack portal enables us to complete tests quickly and accurately."

The cloud platform enables NovaSom to work with providers to improve access to care, reduce costs and address the OSA epidemic, said Hassett.

NovaSom also offers AccuSom Deliver, a platform that enables sleep specialists to increase their amount of at-home sleep testing. In addition, AccuSom Safe Recovery uses wireless technology to conduct sleep testing prior to surgery.

Sleep specialists, surgeons, and anesthesiologists can use MediTrack to form a patient-management program to limit the risk of respiratory problems and OSA complications.