OpenLogic Delivers CentOS Linux Support on Microsoft Windows Azure

OpenLogic announced a partnership with Microsoft to provide CentOS Linux on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

OpenLogic, provider of open-source scanners, open-source governance solutions and community-backed open-source support for the data center and the cloud, announced that it will provide CentOS Linux through the new Microsoft Windows Azure Image Gallery.

With the June 6 announcement, Web application developers can provision CentOS Linux virtual machines from the Windows Azure portal. CentOS is an enterprise-class Linux distribution derived from the publicly available source code for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. OpenLogic has been providing commercial-grade developer and production support for CentOS since 2009.

€œIn line with Windows Azure€™s commitment to support Web and application developers, we welcome OpenLogic on Windows Azure,€ Helene Love Snell, director of the Server and Tools Business at Microsoft, said in a statement. €œOpenLogic has supported CentOS for several years, and we look forward to making their expertise and SLA support available to customers through the Windows Azure Marketplace.€

The announcement comes amid a sweeping move at Microsoft to open up Windows Azure to open-source software and a new world of interoperability. Many cloud-based Web applications require open-source projects that in turn require Linux. OpenLogic and the Windows Azure Portal will now enable tens of thousands of developers to build their cloud apps using Linux and Windows Azure.

€œOpenLogic continues to gain steam as our unique crowd-sourced open-source SLA [service-level agreement] support model allows us to become ubiquitous in major cloud marketplaces like the Windows Azure Image Gallery,€ said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic, in a statement. €œWith the continued growth of our PaaS [platform as a service] solution CloudSwing, OpenLogic has become well aware of what developers are looking for when building their cloud apps, and we are excited to help support these visions and bring them to life.€

OpenLogic provides SLA support on CentOS through its unique developer crowd-sourcing program called the €œOpenLogic Expert Community.€ OpenLogic retains leading open-source developers for commercial-grade support for more than 600 open-source projects, including Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, JBoss, Hibernate and ActiveMQ. OpenLogic's "one number to call" approach resolves open-source issues regardless of whether they originate in the operating system, in a particular open-source package, or as the result of complex interactions. OpenLogic€™s technical support staff handles questions on hundreds of open-source software packages and serves as the front-line experts for enterprise support.