OpenStack Cloud Achieves Consensus in First Forum

BOSTON—The OpenStack Foundation launched a new era of how it develops the OpenStack cloud at the OpenStack Summit here this week with the first OpenStack Forum event.

The OpenStack Forum replaces the Design Summit component, which had been a fixture at past OpenStack Summit conferences. In a video interview, the executive leadership of the OpenStack Foundation details some of the initial success of the OpenStack Forum event and how it was able to help development teams achieve consensus on a key technical mechanism.

A core baseball theme pervaded the Boston OpenStack Summit, which included an evening event at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox. Among the most common sports metaphors today is defining what inning of a baseball game a business is in.

According to both Jonathan Bryce, executive director, and Mark Collier, chief operating officer of the OpenStack Foundation, OpenStack is now in the third inning.

"When you watch a baseball game, often there is not a lot that happens in the first few innings," Bryce said. "Then you get to the point where it starts to shake up a little, and after that it all becomes clear who is going to win."

In Bryce's view, OpenStack is now at the point where it has gone through several iterations and developers have figured out what people want from their clouds. Additionally, OpenStack has a set of technologies that have real traction and production usage. Bryce expects to see multiple open-source technologies come together at this point, with an increased pace of work getting done on top of OpenStack clouds. 

"I think we're in the third inning, and the next three are going to be really exciting," he said.

Watch the full video interview with the OpenStack Foundation leadership above.