OpenStack Foundation Expands Its Efforts at Tokyo Summit

VIDEO: Alan Clark, chairman of the board at the OpenStack Foundation, discusses the progress made at the OpenStack Summit this week.

TOKYO--The OpenStack Foundation has a large, 24-person board of directors that provides strategic and financial oversight for the organization. Sitting at the helm, is the chairman of the board, Alan Clark, who helps to lead the efforts of the broad and diverse group.

In a video interview with Clark at the OpenStack Summit here, he discusses the events of the Summit, including the full board meeting, as well as a joint meeting with the OpenStack Technical Committee and OpenStack User Committee.

The OpenStack board of directors meets several times a year and always at the OpenStack Summit events. The last Summit event was held in Vancouver in May, and the OpenStack board of directors looked at multiple issues including diversity as well as issues on how to advance adoption.

At the Tokyo Summit, some of the same issues were revisited to discuss progress and next steps. Additionally, from a financial perspective, the board decided to expand its operational budget for the coming year to further expand the organization's collaboration and outreach capabilities.

While the board meeting was a big event for Clark, he actually identified a different component of the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo as being the highlight.

"For me, the highlight is just the crowd that showed up. I was quite surprised," Clark said. "Just seeing the energy that comes from 5,000 people actively participating is quite exciting."

Watch the full video interview with Alan Clark below:

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Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner

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