Opscode Intros Enterprise Chef, Enhances Windows, Networking Support

Opscode announced the renaming of its core products to Enterprise Chef and added new Windows and networking support.

Opscode, creator of the Chef open-source configuration management tool, announced a name change for its core products as well as new functionality to help extend its technology further into the enterprise, as enterprise adoption is on the rise.

Opscode announced that Private Chef and Hosted Chef are now renamed to Enterprise Chef and offered both as on-premises software and as a hosted service.

Enterprise Chef automates the provisioning and management of compute, networking and storage resources in the data center, private cloud and public cloud—all from a single platform.

In a blog post on the news, Luca Welch, a spokesman for Opscode, said enterprise adoption of Chef has soared of late. "In the past year, our Fortune 1000 customer base has grown 150 percent and to date, Fortune 1000 businesses represent the majority of Opscode's total sales," he said. "In other words, enterprises are purchasing large amounts of Chef, so renaming our commercial products to more clearly and simply align with the companies buying them makes good business sense."

Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president at IDC, told eWEEK that the Opscode product name change is basically validation of what Opscode has been doing for a while—helping increasing numbers of enterprise IT organizations automate a wide range of infrastructure and cloud configuration workflows and providing both on-premises and hosted options for doing so. She said many third-party cloud infrastructure, automation and infrastructure provisioning vendors are supporting open-source Chef and Puppet technology to simplify and standardize core infrastructure automation functionality.

"As enterprise IT environments become more complex, heterogeneous and dynamic, IDC sees increasing numbers of IT organizations adopting the configuration automation capabilities enabled by the Chef open-source community and the Opscode Enterprise Chef solutions," she said.

Opscode Enterprise Chef features new automation capabilities for Windows, as well as integration with leading providers in networking and storage. Opscode Enterprise Chef empowers IT operations and development teams with an enterprise-grade platform for automating configuration management, cloud management and the continuous delivery of applications and dependent infrastructure, the company said.

"Enterprise organizations are in the midst of a major business transformation, driven by the radically new way in which customers are purchasing and consuming goods and services today," said Adam Jacob, co-founder and chief customer officer at Opscode, in a statement. "As a result, technology is serving as the key touch point to users and the role of IT has shifted from the back office to the front office. Today we're delivering an automation platform that accelerates this transformation by delivering on-demand IT services to achieve the speed necessary for meeting the new expectations of customers."

Overall, Fortune 1000 companies represent 60 percent of Opscode's total sales. To capitalize on enterprise demand and better meet the needs of large-scale organizations, Opscode is collaborating with leading providers in compute, networking and storage to deliver full stack automation for data center, private and public cloud infrastructure.

Opscode is collaborating with leading networking vendors, including Arista Networks, Cisco Systems, Cumulus Networks, Juniper Networks and Plexxi, to integrate Enterprise Chef into next-generation networking technologies. By enabling IT teams to manage compute and networking resources from a single automation platform, Enterprise Chef speeds up bandwidth provisioning to accelerate IT operations and improves system availability.

Opscode has integrated Enterprise Chef with Arista Extensible Operating System (EOS), automating the configuration of physical and virtual networking ports using code. By coordinating change management between compute and networking infrastructure, Opscode and Arista help enterprise IT teams ensure alignment between these core data center resources.