Oracle Database Lite Dials Up Symbian OS

New Database Lite 10g Release 2 will support Symbian OSTM, an OS running on more than 39 million data-enabled mobile phones.

Oracle Database Lite 10g Release 2 will support Symbian OSTM, a standard operating system that runs on more than 39 million data-enabled mobile phones, the company announced at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2005 show in San Francisco on Tuesday.

The agreement between Symbian Ltd. and Oracle Corp. means that Symbian smart phone users will be able to dial in to data from enterprise applications such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and sales-force automation.

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Oracle and Symbian are working with mobile network operators and phone manufacturers such as NTT DoCoMo, Motorola and Nokia to ensure high performance and the ability to perform complex data manipulations.

As it is, Oracle Database Lite 10g R2 is already available on NTTs DoCoMo Business FOMA M1000 environment, Motorolas A1000 and phones based on both of Nokia Developer platforms, Series 60 and Series 80.

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In addition, Oracle is working with ISVs including NID-IS, Softbrain and TENIK to create applications and tools needed to support organizations mobile initiatives.

Oracle Database Lite 10g R2 was made generally available in July. It relies on Oracles Grid computing infrastructure which, Oracle contends, enables incremental scalability to support thousands of concurrent users.

"Handset vendors and carriers are always looking for new services to maintain and increase revenue generating opportunities," said Andrew Mendelsohn, Oracles senior vice president of Database Server Technologies, in a statement. "Oracle Database Lite provides the perfect high performance, reliable and secure database to manage handset data to support these new services."

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