Oracle Unveils HPC Computing Instances for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s topics include Oracle previewing HPC Clustered Network cloud instances, and Cloudflare releasing a mobile app for DNS lookups.

In an effort to lure enterprises to its cloud, Oracle this week at the SC18 supercomputing conference in Dallas, is introducing new high-performance computing instances for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or OCI.

According to Karan Batta, senior principal product manager of OCI, the new Clustered Network instances consist of bare metal servers running a remote direct memory access network on top of the OCI infrastructure. Batta said RDMA is faster and more secure because it forms a direct link between nodes on a network without going through the operating system, leading to improved performance.

The initial clustered network instances are for edge use cases and consist of 36 cores of Intel Xeon Gold 6154 processors running at 3.7GHz. They come with 6.4TB local NVMe flash storage and 384GB memory, and cost 7.5 cents per core per hour.

On Nov. 11, Cloudflare announced new freely available mobile capabilities for its DNS service, which was first launched on April 1 to help secure and accelerate DNS lookups.

The initial service launch required users to make a change on their own desktop or mobile settings to enable the service. Now Cloudflare is making it easier for mobile users to benefit from the DNS service with a new mobile app.

Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, said, "We didn't expect many people to be able to change their DNS manually. With the app removing that limitation, we expect the increase to be dramatic.”

Cloudflare has also added multiple security capabilities to help make DNS lookups more secure.