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The only thing bigger than Pepsi in soft drinks is Coca-Cola. Pepsi hopes to change that by jumping on the Google+ Pages train. Note the arrows highlighting the first Pepsi option as a verified account, plus the Google+ Pages logo next to the checkmark.

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Here is Pepsi's Brand Page. Its no surprise that Pepsi also leveraged Facebook and Twitter to spread its marketing messages across as many social-media audiences as possible.

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Toyota, one of the biggest carmakers in the world, gets a Google+ Page. Google made sharing brand pages super easy. Note the big, green share button on the left.

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Easy Sharing

Clicking the share button opens this easy-to-follow sharing tool.

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Originally kicked out of Google+ before Google was ready to launch Google+ Pages, the Muppets make a triumphant return in time for the impending holiday-season debut of a new Muppet movie.

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Angry Birds

Google+ Pages wouldn't be complete without Rovio Mobile's Angry Birds fan page.

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Google+ Brand Pages

Here is how brands can create their Google+ Pages.

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Direct Connect

One major access feature to help users connect with Google+ Pages more easily is Direct Connect. It works like this: Users searching for Google+ Pages to follow can type in + and the brand name in the search box on If the brand exists in Google+, will automatically follow the brand for the Google+ user and take them to it. Users can then decide what Circle they'd like to place the brand in on Google+. See the offer in this Google+ YouTube page here.

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Google Brand Page

We noted earlier that Google is using Google+ to promote its own brands. Indeed, it starts with the Google brand page.

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Chrome Brand Page

Google's Chrome browser is another popular brand.

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Google Maps

People need direction. That's what Google Maps provides, and now it can direct users to updates on the product on Google+.

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Also, Gmail is an important Google application service, and users can learn about updates to Gmail by following its brand page.

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Google+ Search

Google+ people and brands and are also now being indexed in Google's search engine, as you can see here.

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