Push Technology Launches Cloud-Based Data Messaging

Reappt, which runs on the IBM SoftLayer cloud, is designed for applications that are event-driven, scalable, resilient and responsive.

IT in 2015 is all about speed and ease of use. If you don't have both of those ingredients, chances are your app or platform won't make it past the first year on the market.

Turns out that this is what Push Technology is all about, too.

The San Jose, Calif.-based enterprise messaging provider on July 14 announced the release of Reappt, what it describes as the only enterprise-class, user-friendly Internet messaging service delivered via cloud service. With enterprise messaging now one of the hottest sectors of IT, Push Technology may be in exactly the right place at the right time.

Designed for Big-Time Enterprise Messaging Between Apps

Reappt, which runs on the IBM SoftLayer cloud, is designed for applications that are event-driven, scalable, resilient and responsive. It is the grease that quickens the movement of data, any type of data; it moves data at extreme scale and speed over the Internet to give those apps a performance edge.

"We've taken our enterprise product and made it road-ready for the cloud," CEO and founder Sean Bowen told eWEEK. "We're all about enabling dream apps and solving problem apps and fixing the challenges all around the Internet.

"Cloud brings you the infrastructure, but it doesn't take away all the pain points of moving large amounts of data over the Internet to these unknown devices, sitting on the edge of a shared network."

Enterprises have always had to deal with occasional problem apps delivering poor user experiences in addition to inevitable delays in releasing so-called "dream" apps that are important to corporate roadmaps. What those and all enterprise apps and platforms have in common is to exchange data efficiently and intelligently at scale with devices, browsers and other applications over a shared network that's full of unknowns—namely, the Internet.

"We work and live in a world of apps, and expectations have never been higher," Bowen said. "Consumers expect rich, engaging experiences on the device of their choice in real-time, 24/7. At the heart of delivering those experiences is data—data is the make or break for any app. Unfortunately, that data travels over the Internet, a network full of obstacles that are guaranteed to turn a beautifully designed app into a 'problem app.'

"Our goal is to make the Internet work for today's mobile-obsessed, everything-connected world, and Reappt is how we're bringing that vision to life."

Tackles the Hard Data Movement Problems

Reappt tackles the hard problems—the limitations of business systems, the unknowns of the Internet, device complexity—to stream data at extreme scale and speed to and from millions of concurrent connections in milliseconds, Bowen said.

Push Technology, now in its 10th year of business, has a track record in this department with its original Diffusion product. So cloud-based Reappt, based on Diffusion, is already enterprise-proven in incorporating the company's specialized knowledge in the areas of data, messaging, caching, data transport, optimization and acceleration.

Diffusion is Push Technology's well-known messaging platform deployed by a list of large enterprise and government customers.

"There are many message-centric solutions that do simple things well but struggle when asked to execute more complex actions at scale," said Push CTO Andy Piper. "Reappt is the only one utilizing a Reactive Data Layer (RDL) to mobilize data from all systems to provide a single, live data model."

Reappt is now available in the IBM Cloud. Push Technology has OKed a free trial period.

Chris Preimesberger

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