Rackspace Debuts Containers as a Service on OpenStack

VIDEO: Adrian Otto, distinguished engineer at Rackspace, discusses how the new Carina container service will further improve the practical utility of Docker.

TOKYO—Docker containers and the OpenStack cloud are getting a little closer today, thanks to the new Carina Containers as a Service announced by Rackspace. Rackspace announced the new Carina service at the OpenStack Summit here, detailing how the service can rapidly enable users to build and deploy Docker containers in the cloud.

In a video interview with eWEEK, Adrian Otto, distinguished engineer at Rackspace, and Scott Crenshaw, senior vice president, strategy and product, at Rackspace, detail what Containers as a Service is all about and how it works.

Otto explained that Carina makes use of the OpenStack Magnum project, which he helped get started in 2014. Magnum is an OpenStack project that integrates bays of containers into OpenStack.

"What we're doing is selling capacity in our cloud in smaller increments than you can buy today with virtual machines, which means it's more affordable than virtual machines and it has a performance benefit," Otto said.

Docker containers can outperform traditional virtual machine technology in some instances, as it runs on bare metal, without the additional overhead that a virtual machine hypervisor requires.

Otto noted that the way that container deployments work, sizing is not based on provisioned capacity but rather on utilized capacity.

"So instead of saying, I'm pre-allocating this amount of hardware, for your use, instead I'm saying you're allowed to use up to a certain maximum amount of capacity," Otto said.

Watch the full video interview below:

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Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner

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