Red Hat Launches Enterprise Version of OpenShift Cloud System

OpenShift Enterprise is a new platform-as-a-service package designed for on-premises deployments within data centers or in private, public or hybrid clouds.

Red Hat has come up with a major development in open-source cloud operating systems.
The world's largest open-source software maker on Nov. 27 launched OpenShift Enterprise, a new platform-as-a-service package designed for on-premises deployments within data centers or in private, public or hybrid clouds.
OpenShift Enterprise enables users to standardize developer workflows, thus improving IT service delivery speeds to better support increasing data flows and business demands, Red Hat said.

First On-Premises, Open Source Enterprise PaaS Package
Red Hat introduced this larger-system PaaS offering last May. The company claims this to be the first open-source, on-premise PaaS for enterprises.
Red Hat has a free online version of OpenShift PaaS that it has been beta-testing with hundreds of users for 18 months.
OpenShift Enterprise improves an enterprise’s ability to build the custom applications it needs and run them in a cloud architecture, Red Hat said. It automates a great deal of the tedious provisioning and systems management of the application platform stack in a way that frees up an IT operations team to work more often on business, not IT, projects.
OpenShift Enterprise also provides an on-demand, scalable and fully configured application development, testing and hosting environment for developers so that they can focus on coding these new application services.

Red Hat also claims that its Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) provides enough reliable security and multitenancy to adequately subdivide the node instances.

Built on an Established Stack
OpenShift Enterprise is built on the mature stack of open source-based Red Hat IT which includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and OpenShift Origin, the basis for Red Hat’s existing online OpenShift PaaS service.
With the inclusion of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, OpenShift Enterprise becomes the only Java EE6-certified on-premise PaaS available to enterprises, Red Hat said.
OpenShift Enterprise derives benefits from the consistent innovation and contributions driven by the open source Origin project community that is solely focused on OpenShift. As a polyglot (multi-language) platform-as-a-service, OpenShift Enterprise supports Java, Ruby, Python, PHP and Perl and it includes a cartridge-based architecture to enable users to include their own middleware services.
OpenShift Enterprise is available now with support from Red Hat. The product is now offered in North America, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, with plans for global availability in the future.

The OpenShift PaaS online service remains available in developer preview here.

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