Red Hat's Container Management Platform Now Available on Google Cloud

Red Hat's OpenShift dedicated container management service now available in all six Google Cloud Platform regions worldwide.

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Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated container management technology is now generally available on Google's cloud platform.

That means enterprises seeking to build, launch, and manage applications using Red Hat's technology can now get it as a managed service running on Google's cloud.

Under an arrangement between the two companies, Red Hat will act as the service provider and will be responsible for supporting customers and helping them manage OpenShift Dedicated on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Google, for its part, will work with Red Hat to help enterprises augment and build on their OpenShift applications with Google's growing portfolio of cloud services, product manager Martin Buhr announced in a blog.

"We often hear from customers that they need open source tools that enable their applications across both their own data centers and multiple cloud providers," Buhr said. Google's collaboration with Red Hat around OpenShift and Kubernetes, Google's container cluster management technology, is an example of the company's willingness to partner with third parties on hybrid solutions, he said.

Red Hat released OpenShift Dedicated last December as a service designed to help companies take advantage of containers and cloud-native applications without having to worry about the management and administrative overhead of an on-premise deployment. The company also offers an on-premise customer managed version of the platform.

Red Hat has claimed that a recent IDC study shows OpenShift helps organizations speed up application delivery by 66 percent and delivers substantial cost savings compared to traditional application development methods.

Organizations who sign up for OpenShift Dedicated on GCP will get features like single-tenant isolation and a resource pool of up to 100GB of persistent storage, 48 terbaytes of network I/O and nine nodes for deploying their container apps, Red Hat said in a separate release this week.

The service also supports the use of VPN and Google Virtual Private Cloud functions for accessing container applications in the cloud. Enterprises will have access to a container-optimized version of Red Hat's JBoss Middleware, the company said.

OpenShift Dedicated services will be available on GCP across all six of Google’s worldwide cloud regions and will be integrated with Google Big Query, Cloud Table and Cloud PubSub message oriented middleware, Red Hat said in its release. The service is available to enterprises that have a current subscription to Red Hat OpenShift Container platform.

This week's announcement builds on an existing relationship between the two companies around container technology. Red Hat, for instance, is the second biggest contributor to the Kubernetes open source project and has been working with Google in areas such as cluster management and container orchestration.

OpenShift Dedicated is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and combines Red Hat's container application platform with Google's multiple years of operational expertise around containers, Buhr said.

Jaikumar Vijayan

Jaikumar Vijayan

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