RockMelt Browser Shows Promise Even in Crowded Market: 10 Reasons Why

News Analysis: A new browser named RockMelt is now available, and despite the long odds this new browser faces in a crowded market, it has a lot features users will find attractive.

A new browser has launched, called RockMelt. The idea behind the new browser is to combine all the elements that people are accustomed to when using a typical browser-surfing the Web, for example-with the things they actually do while they're browsing pages, like talking with friends on Facebook or catching up on the updates from their favorite blogs.

But RockMelt is entering a crowded and hostile browser market. Currently, Internet Explorer still stands atop the space, with Firefox trailing behind. Google's Chrome browser is making strides in the market with its share continuing to gain. The browser market is hotly contested and extremely volatile. Trying to break into that space at this point in the game is bound to be difficult.

But RockMelt has the ability to capture some market share. It's unique if nothing else, and it delivers the kind of functionality that power Web users might really like. Read on to find out why RockMelt, against all odds, might have some promise in the browser space.

1. It has the right backing

One of the most important aspects of RockMelt's chances of succeeding is that the company has famed venture capitalist and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen behind it. To those outside Silicon Valley, it might not mean much. But Andreessen is a powerhouse on the Web, and he has a tendency to back the right companies with the right ideas. Now RockMelt has become one of his crown jewels. With Andreessen's help, RockMelt could be more successful than some might otherwise believe possible.

2. It's more than just Web browsing

The beauty of RockMelt is that it delivers more than just Web browsing. Those who want to just check out a few Web pages can obviously do so, but it also has access to Facebook and Twitter built right in. It also includes the ability to see the user's Web feeds, top services and much, much more. The browser provides a full, end-to-end experience that's designed to give people everything they typically want without requiring them to go elsewhere to get it.

3. RockMelt is everywhere you go

RockMelt's services are cloud-based. What that means is regardless of where you are using the browser, you can access your bookmarks, preferences and everything else from the software. It's able to achieve that functionality by being a browser that users log in to. Upon doing so, all the information found on the home PC is available at the office PC or anywhere else. It's a neat idea, and it's one that could appeal to quite a few users.

4. The best idea for search

Rather than be forced to open a new tab, open Google Search and look for pages, RockMelt integrates search into the browser. So, while staying on the same page, users can type a query into the search box and view all the results as an overlay on the current page they're on. Then they can simply click the page they want and there they go. It's a unique idea that many folks will really like.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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