San Francisco Bay Area

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San Francisco Bay Area

Many of the Bay Area-based companies have been the leaders in adopting the cloud as a best practice for their testing, business continuity and even production environments.Photo credit: Mai-Linh Doan

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Home to some of the largest players in the cloud market and large organizations searching for talent to support cloud-based initiatives, Seattle is an ideal place for cloud specialists to make their career.Photo credit: User:Nova77

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Washington, D.C.

With the federal government one of the biggest drivers of cloud opportunities in D.C., the nation’s capital has several cloud computing networks and associations that provide job opportunities.

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Linux administrators, LAMP developers and VMware/Hyper-V administrators are just a few of the titles and skills Denver is seeing demand for in the cloud space.

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The energy and oil and gas sectors, along with the financial sector, are looking to cut operating costs through cloud computing. So, heading to Houston and setting up your cloud shop could be a smart move.Photo credit: Patrick Feller

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St. Louis

Many companies in the Gateway City are selling cloud services to small businesses to help them avoid high upgrade and replacement network and infrastructure costs.Photo credit: Daniel Schwen

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The retail, media and manufacturing industries in Minneapolis have widely adopted cloud computing, with particular demand for application support, Web development and network administration.Photo credit: PhotosByJeremiah

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San Diego

The cloud job market in San Diego is focused on the several cloud services providers who have consistently added head count for positions such as systems administrators, help desk support, network administrators and database administrators.Photo credit: Rctckc

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