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Dell, which continues to reinvent itself into the all-purpose data center systems business, has prepared its new products-including its PowerEdge R910 server, which also is certified for SAP's new in-memory software-in recent months via new-wave IT from acquisitions. These buyouts include storage-optimization specialist Ocarina Networks, cloud-integration provider Boomi, application accelerator KACE and server-provisioning provider Scalent.

SAP's been working on this real-time-processing project for more than a decade. Its in-memory software line is called HANA.

"SAP's been doing in-memory computing for quite some time now in different flavors," Aiaz Kazi, SAP's head of technology and innovation platform marketing, told eWEEK. "For the past 10 years, we've been doing in-memory work with SAP liveCache, and with BusinessObjects Explorer [business intelligence], as well as our internal search engine.

"What we're talking about now is all our new technology that leverages all of this: HANA. We believe this will cause a radical shift in the way; it's something we don't believe anybody else in the market is doing."

Kazi offered an analogy about the difference between in-memory computing and standard disk-based computing.

"Think of this as going to a water cooler," Kazi said. "In-memory is like walking down the hall to get a drink; disk-based is like going to the moon to get a drink."

Well, considering there isn't a lot of water on the moon to begin with, the water image is a bit of a stretch. Nonetheless, the idea is clear: Speed is paramount, and in-memory supplies it.

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