Slide 1: Low-Cost Cloud Services: 2015

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Slide 1: Low-Cost Cloud Services: 2015

Text: Low-cost cloud services will cause the cannibalization of current and potential outsourcing revenue, similar to what happened with the adoption of offshore delivery, according to Gartner analysts.

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Slide 2: Social Network Bubble Bursts: 2013

Text: While substantial excitement will be raised by private firms going public, valuations of smaller, independent vendors will diminish as organizations realize that the opportunities for market differentiation and fast growth has eroded.

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Slide 3: Browser-Based Enterprise Email Clients: 2016

Text: Increased pressure will be on those suppliers to accommodate a growing portfolio of collaboration services, including instant messaging, Web conferencing, social networking and shared workspaces.

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Slide 4: Mobile App Development Explodes: 2015

Text: Future adoption will triple from the fourth quarter of 2010 to the first quarter of 2014, resulting in the vast majority of client-side applications being mobile-only or mobile-first for these devices.

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Slide 5: Demand for Secure Cloud Services: 2016

Text: Instead of requesting that a third-party security vendor conduct testing on the enterprise's behalf, the enterprise will be satisfied by a cloud provider's certificate stating that a reputable third-party security vendor has already tested its applications.

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Slide 6: Private Data, Public Storage: 2015

Text: More than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud as organizations are compelled to reduce operational costs and streamline their efficiency.

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Slide 7: Failure to Exploit Big Data Advantages: 2015

Text: Most organizations are ill-prepared to address both the technical and management challenges posed by Big Data. Given that, few will be able to effectively exploit this trend to gain a competitive advantage.

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Slide 8: Rise of Cyber-crime Costs: 2016

Text: The combination of new vulnerabilities and more targeted attacks will lead to continued growth in bottom-line financial impacts because of successful cyber-attacks.

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Slide 9: Energy Surcharge for Cloud Services: 2015

Text: Business and IT leaders and procurement specialists should expect to see energy costs isolated and included as a variable element in future cloud service contracts.

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Slide 10: Finished Goods Production Shifts to Americas: 2014

Text: Political, environmental, economic and supply chain risks are causing many companies serving the U.S. market to shift sources of supply from Asia to the Americas.

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Slide 11: Shift in IT Budgets, Expenditures: 2015

Text: CIOs will see some of their current budget simply reallocated to other areas of the business. In other cases, IT projects will be redefined as business projects with line-of-business managers in control.

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