Snow Cloud Discovery Gives Visibility into SaaS, IaaS Usage

New advanced analytics package gives integrated view of cloud, on premise and mobile usage to more effectively control SaaS usage and spending.


Now that more than half of all enterprises are using—or at least testing—cloud services in one department or another, CIOs are finding it important to take a more accurate accounting of how much corporate spend they’re using for clouds.

To this end, Stockholm-based Snow Software, which specializes in software asset management and cloud spend management software, has launched Snow Cloud Discovery. The company claims Discovery brings improved visibility into software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environment usage.

Cloud adoption continues to increase at a fast pace, with Gartner projecting worldwide public cloud services market will grow 18 percent to $246.8 billion in 2017, with estimates for IaaS and SaaS to grow 36.8 percent and 20.1 percent, respectively, this year.

Cloud spending is spiraling out of control in many companies, with CIOs and CFOs unable to identify wasted budget, optimize existing assets, or accurately plan for future costs. Complete visibility of all applications is important to support an already-overburdened IT office if they are to get a handle on cloud spend within their business.

Snow Cloud Discovery, released Sept. 28, aims to provide an integrated view of SaaS applications and IaaS environments, giving insight into usage at an organizational and user level. IT leaders have actionable intelligence on which to effectively manage their entire IT estate and take advantage of cloud, to innovate and advance digital business transformation, without risk of unnecessary overspend.

Using Snow Cloud Discovery, enterprises can:

  • automatically see SaaS applications in use across the enterprise, regardless of which department purchased the subscription;
  • expose zombie virtual machines (VMs) across public cloud vendors with full inventory of software components and usage details;
  • automate the collection of data that is critical to the establishment of an accurate license position;
  • consolidate a view of all application, environment and device usage across on premise, public and private clouds, and mobile devices;
  • gather insight and highlight risks from simplified reporting of component level utilization metrics; and
  • automatically identify, downgrade or reassign duplicate and unused SaaS subscriptions and find and DE provision zombie VMs.

For more information on Snow Cloud Discovery, go here.

Chris Preimesberger

Chris J. Preimesberger

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