SOASTA Delivers CloudTest on VMware Cloud Foundry PaaS

Cloud performance-testing services provider SOASTA announced that its CloudTest platform is now available as a service on VMware's Cloud Foundry.

PALO ALTO, Calif. €” SOASTA announced that its CloudTest functional and performance-test platform is now available as a service of VMware€™s Cloud Foundry platform as a service (PaaS).

SOASTA announced its news at a VMware Cloud Foundry one-year anniversary celebration here. SOASTA officials boasted that CloudTest is the first and only test automation service available to the expanding Cloud Foundry ecosystem, and the first time a free CloudTest version has been made available to any user as a fully cloud-hosted service.

Now application developers can implement rapid test creation and real-time issue resolution when they use or any Cloud Foundry-based service to build and deploy apps that scale in any cloud, the company said.

€œSOASTA€™s CloudTest removes the hassles of test automation so developers and testers can match the speed of change in the Web and mobile market,€ said Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA, in a statement. €œDevelopers have an appetite for VMware€™s innovative Cloud Foundry platform as a service because of its proven agility, ease and affordability, and CloudTest mimics that experience. Only testing can assure the app behaves the way it is meant to, and for that reason, I expect testing to be embraced by all DevOps platforms. The future is dev-test-ops.€

Lounibos said the speed of continuous delivery requires that Web and mobile application developers validate user functionality, scale and capacity in every piece of code. Implementing automation to check their progress is the only way to keep up. Now, every Cloud Foundry user can utilize SOASTA€™s enterprise proven CloudTest platform for their personal access.

€œCloud Foundry has collected the best industry solutions that meet our standards of €˜core compatible€™ services for the growing and selective community of developers,€ said Jerry Chen, vice president of cloud and application services at VMware, in a statement. €œTesting is critical for every application, and we€™re delighted to work with cloud testing pioneer SOASTA to bring cloud test capabilities to Cloud Foundry developers.€

Lounibos said SOASTA has roots in the data analytics space, as its founding team initially worked in that space. €œAnd we got interested in the problem of performance testing because we saw it essentially as a big data problem€”figuring out where apps might break.€

As the industry braces for the next phase of development in the cloud, €œthere is a race for leadership in the next application lifecycle management [ALM] space,€ Lounibos told eWEEK. €œWith the new generation of apps coming out, there€™s a land grab going on. And Cloud Foundry is a major player. What started us with Cloud Foundry is VMware has a good history with the enterprise.€

The €œdev-test-ops€ scenario Lounibos speaks of sets SOASTA and its competitors in a key role in the upcoming world of PaaS 2.0. And the PaaS landscape remains somewhat varied despite some early consolidation.

However, noting that there might be additional consolidation in the space, Lounibos said the previous generation of ALM featured independent testing companies. €œOur view is that three to five testing companies can easily be supported,€ he said. €œWe€™re the largest, and we€™re the first to the cloud. Our sense is we€™ll be standalone, but you never know. Our goal is to be used by as many people as possible.€

CloudTest in Cloud Foundry is available today in a beta access mode and can be deployed in any user account by visiting this site.