SOASTA Offers Free Version of mPulse Real User Monitoring Solution

SOASTA has announced the availability of a new, free version of its mPulse real user monitoring solution.

SOASTA, a provider of cloud and mobile testing solutions, has announced that it is offering a new free version of its real user monitoring (RUM) product, mPulse.

SOASTA's mPulse noninvasively measures the real user experience of visitors to a Website by providing customized metrics and timers, and grants real-time, actionable intelligence via visuals to operations and marketing professionals.

These features enable businesses to remain competitive and improve customer relationships and retention by optimizing the user experience on mobile and Web applications. The new free version, mPulse Lite, is now available with custom metrics to enhance RUM analytics.

"Since its release, mPulse has been widely adopted by companies and business leaders so that they can quickly respond to real user experiences and provide effective resolutions quickly," Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO, said in a statement. "Our customers tell us that the user experience is paramount. mPulse Lite puts powerful RUM analytics in the hands of everyone so companies of all sizes can further customize real-time analytics and make informed business decisions based on the activity of real Web and mobile users."

The new release of mPulse leverages SOASTA's acquisition of LogNormal and the work by industry veterans Buddy Brewer and Philip Tellis. Brewer and Tellis are best known in the performance industry for their creation and contributions to Boomerang, a popular open-source RUM solution.

"mPulse has enhanced our business by providing us with actionable data to see the real user impact on our business," Charanjeet Singh, CTO of Backcountry, an online retailer for premium outdoor gear and accessories, said in a statement. "Our users are the driving force of our business, and by better understanding them, we can provide the best possible service to keep them coming back."

SOASTA's mPulse provides insight to issues such as high exit rates and low app usage by collecting all real user data and integrating it with third-party back-end data sources such as New Relic, AppDynamics, Amazon CloudFront, CA Wily and OpTier. It measures user experience with custom metrics tied to the business, furthering a company's ability to respond interactively to an application's performance on actual user behavior. Enterprises can see what matters to the business before it impacts revenue, brand and reputation.

New features in this release of mPulse include the ability to collect all the data necessary and run it on SOASTA's massively scalable analytics engine. The new release also features custom timers. mPulse now gives developers and designers the ability to create custom timers based on what matters to them. They can measure beyond simple page speed to custom components and third-party services to provide data for service-level agreement (SLA) management and enforcement.

The new release of mPulse also supports custom metrics, by enabling companies to define the values that measure their specific business goals, whether that is revenue or conversion rate. And the product offers end-to-end views of real user impact. SOASTA's growing partner ecosystem includes companies such as OpTier, Tealium, SiteSpect and Instart Logic. mPulse aggregates and correlates front- and back-end data to deliver comprehensive views of user impact on the entire technology stack, the company said.

"As the leader in enterprise tag management, Tealium enables customers to easily deploy innovative analytics solutions," Jeff Lunsford, CEO of Tealium, said in a statement. "SOASTA's mPulse is one of those enterprise solutions that provides customers advanced notice and rich intelligence about how real user performance impacts their Web and mobile business."

SOASTA is a fixture in the cloud testing world. Its Web and mobile test automation and monitoring solutions, CloudTest, TouchTest and mPulse, enable developers, QA professionals and IT operations teams to test and monitor users with speed, scale, precision and visibility, the company said. With SOASTA, companies can ensure that their applications will perform as designed. SOASTA's customers include brands such as Avaya, American Girl, Bonobos, Chegg, Experian, Gilt Groupe, Hallmark, Intuit, Microsoft and Netflix.

SOASTA acquired LogNormal in October 2012.

"SOASTA is the leader in mobile and Web performance testing, and we are excited to combine our expertise to deliver performance testing, monitoring and measurement in a single platform," Buddy Brewer, LogNormal's CEO, said in a statement at the time of the acquisition. "The combination of LogNormal's expertise and SOASTA's real-time analytics engine will provide unprecedented insight into mobile behavior."