Splunk, AWS Team to Offer Analytics for Elastic MapReduce

Hunk, Splunk's analytics package that runs atop Hadoop and NoSQL data stores, becomes available Oct. 28 in Amazon EC2.

LAS VEGAS—An old friend of Splunk is now a new OEM partner: Amazon Web Services.

Splunk, the new-generation machine-data platform provider, and AWS have been partners for a long while on some other products and services. But starting Oct. 28, Splunk will make available its Hunk product directly from the Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) console and price it on an hourly basis, just like any other cloud service.

Hunk is Splunk's analytics package that runs atop Hadoop and NoSQL data stores. It is a full-featured, integrated analytics platform designed so anyone in an organization can interactively explore, analyze and visualize big data, regardless of where the data is stored, Splunk CTO Todd Papaioannou told eWEEK.

"There's a ton of data generated in the cloud, and a great deal of it ends up in S3," Papaioannou said. "People process that using EMR [Elastic MapReduce]. We are now effectively democratizing data science on top of Amazon for the business user. This will unlock huge value in the data in there.

"You can do data exploration and discovery, you can point it at your data registry, you can do all kinds of things. All of the value that exists in here [Splunk] is now in the Amazon cloud."

The key for line-of-business users who want to run analytics is that queries to the data can be done in natural language or in a drag-and-drop interface.

By integrating Hunk with Amazon EMR, AWS customers can automatically provision Hunk software at an hourly rate or can choose to bring their existing Hunk licenses to the Amazon EMR platform.

"Using Hunk, AWS customers can better utilize massive data sets stored in Amazon EMR to get clear and concise business insights that ultimately contribute to the most accurate IT and business decisions," said Terry Wise, AWS's director of Worldwide Partner Ecosystem.

Hunk 6.2 will be generally available on AWS and as regular Splunk software on Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Chris Preimesberger

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