Splunk Cloud Service Launched at User Conference

Splunk announced the general availability of the Splunk Cloud service at its annual user conference in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS--Splunk announced the general availability of Splunk Cloud, a new service that delivers Splunk Enterprise in the cloud.

Splunk Cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and includes access to all the features of the Splunk Enterprise platform including apps, APIs, alerting and role-based access controls.

Splunk Cloud also supports all core Splunk Enterprise use cases including application management, digital intelligence, IT operations management, security and more. And Splunk Cloud integrates with on-premise deployments of Splunk to deliver visibility into operational status, KPIs and security postures across all environments.

Splunk announced Splunk Cloud availability at its Splunk Worldwide Users’ Conference, Splunk .conf2013, here on Oct. 1.

Organizations can now access Splunk Cloud to gain visibility and operational insights into their machine-generated big data in the cloud, as well as correlate this data across their cloud and on-premise environments. With the introduction of Splunk Cloud for large-scale production environments, Splunk Storm, the cloud-based service introduced last year, will significantly expand its free developer offerings to 20GB of total storage per month. Splunk Storm is a Splunk service for analyzing and troubleshooting cloud applications.

“We are expanding our offering because we heard our customers loud and clear–they want Splunk Enterprise as a cloud service,” said Dejan Deklich, vice president of engineering of cloud at Splunk, in a statement. “Delivering the enterprise-class Splunk Cloud, based on award-winning, patented technology, enabled us to also make Splunk Storm free. This is exciting because we are now giving a free service to developers who have to pay for the same results from other vendors.”

Dennis Callaghan, senior analyst at 451 Research, said, “The Splunk vision of delivering its software as a service across any type of user scenario allows its customers greater choice. By providing an enterprise-class cloud service with all of the features of its flagship product, Splunk is making a strong statement about doing business in the cloud and looks to cement its position as a leader in the operational intelligence market, across all modes of delivery.”

Funtomic, a games company, uses operational intelligence provided by Splunk Cloud to monitor the performance, availability and user experience of its Website and games, while also visualizing analytics to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns, the company said.

“Splunk Cloud is giving us unprecedented insights into the way users are utilizing our Websites and mobile games by monitoring A/B Website testing data to track performance and user behavior,” said Leeor Aharon, CTO at Funtomic, in a statement. “The flexibility of analytics from Splunk Cloud helps us track and alert marketing performance while also understanding user behavior to optimize their experience. Splunk Cloud has been outstanding in supporting the needs of DevOps and business users at Funtomic.”

Meanwhile, WhiteOps, a digital advertising and security provider, uses Splunk Cloud as a security analytics platform to detect digital advertising impressions that are fraudulently made by bots, delivering actionable intelligence they use to rationalize media spending on behalf of their customers.

“Splunk Cloud is critical to our bot detection operations,” said Tamer Hassan, CTO at WhiteOps, in a statement. “It helps us fight crime by catching malicious traffic, both online and on enterprise networks. Splunk Cloud lets us use the full potential of Splunk Enterprise, and helps us do the number-crunching and deep analysis of massive traffic flows that we need to do to catch the bad guys, without having to install or manage any infrastructure.”

Splunk Cloud is available on an annual subscription basis, with plans available from 50GB per day up through 1TB per day of machine data, with custom options available outside that range.

“Splunk, like AWS, is disruptive technology,” said Terry Wise, director of the Worldwide Partner Ecosystem at AWS, in a statement. “As the cloud provider of choice for the Splunk Cloud service, we’re excited to offer our enterprise customers the ability to gain operational intelligence from their AWS-based applications.”

Splunk software enables organizations to monitor, search, analyze, visualize and act on massive streams of real-time and historical machine data. More than 6,000 enterprises, universities, government agencies and service providers in more than 90 countries use Splunk Enterprise to gain operational intelligence that deepens business and customer understanding, improves service and uptime, reduces cost and mitigates cyber-security risk.