Symbian Pledges Support for Open Cloud Manifesto

The Symbian Foundation says the Open Cloud Manifesto can help lead to a more open cloud computing environment. According to Symbian's head of IT, the organization will soon be moving more deeply into the cloud.

The Symbian Foundation has announced support for the Open Cloud Manifesto, saying the manifesto can help lead to a more open cloud environment.

In a July 1 blog post, Ian McDonald, head of IT for the Symbian Foundation, said, "With the popularity of cloud computing quickly rising there is a real need to ensure that the cloud is open and not a proprietary lock-in."

As such, Symbian has become an official supporter of the Open Cloud Manifesto. The tagline for the Open Cloud Manifesto is that it is "dedicated to the belief that the cloud should be open." The manifesto outlines the challenges facing organizations that want to take advantage of the cloud.

A description of the manifesto on the Open Manifesto Website defines it as follows:

""The Open Cloud Manifesto establishes a core set of principles to ensure that organizations will have freedom of choice, flexibility, and openness as they take advantage of cloud computing. While cloud computing has the potential to have a positive impact on organizations, there is also potential for lock-in and lost flexibility if appropriate open standards are not identified and adopted.""

McDonald said Symbian is a big user of cloud computing and will soon take even greater advantage of the cloud.

Said McDonald in his post:

""Inside Symbian we use the cloud thanks to a wide range of providers-over twenty in fact-and we don't even run our own file or email servers! Symbian Ideas, Symbian Horizon and this blog run on cloud infrastructure, and we have plans to shift nearly all our sites onto the cloud in the next few months.""

Moreover, McDonald said, "Symbian is an organization that is passionate about being open-the planning for our releases, the decision-making processes (including the councils) and all our code are out in the open. As such we totally support the Open Cloud Manifesto, which is working to ensure that different cloud offerings can work together and that there are open standards."