Tangosol Extends Data Grid Solution

The company announces an upgrade to its data grid solution to extend its reach across the enterprise via three new client options.

WASHINGTON—Tangosol on Sept. 12 is expected to announce the availability of its Coherence Data Grid Solution Set, which extends enterprise access to the data grid with three new client connectivity options for the companys Coherence Data Grid offering.

Cameron Purdy, chief executive of Somerville, Mass.-based Tangosol, said that with the advent of virtualization and the large data demands of new SOA (service-oriented architecture) environments and data grid infrastructures, Tangosol has introduced the Coherence Data Grid Solution Set to broaden data grid access to large-scale compute grids, application servers, and desktop applications.

The three new clients, which Tangosol is scheduled to launch at the GridWorld 2006 conference here, are designed to optimize data grid performance for a full range of applications including clustered caching, parallel transactions, analytics and event processing. Each addresses unique business needs, Purdy said

The new clients are the Coherence Application Client, which provides enterprisewide access to services provided by the data grid; the Coherence Real Time Client, which provides real-time access to data feeds, including near-caching of data on the client as well as continuous query caching; and the Coherence Compute Client, which is optimized for data intensive compute grid nodes as well as transaction intensive application servers, said Peter Utzschneider, vice president of marketing at Tangosol.

The Coherence Data Grid Solution Set is now available with the immediate release of Coherence Data Grid 3.2, Utzschneider said.

"The important piece is were clearly laying the groundwork and path to allow enterprises to adopt the data grid," Utzschneider said. The new technology will "enable enterprises to gain access to data that heretofore they didnt have."

New functionality in the Coherence Data Grid 3.2 solution includes: support for grouping and composite parallel aggregators, conditional data grid processors, and "Once And Only Once" guarantees; Extended TCP/IP support with the Coherence Real Time Client and a path to direct access and interoperability for .NET and C++; improved performance through a network layer hyper-optimized for multicore, Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand and remote GC detection, full peer-to-peer flow control and higher resiliency; write-Behind caching improvements that ensure no database impact during failover and load-balancing; and WebSphere 6.0 support, Utzschneider said.

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"Weve moved from a point solution to being used more generically as a shared application resource," he said. The goal was to push adoption of Coherence throughout the enterprise. "So with this solution we introduced our TCP/IP based client, as well as a server-based client," Utzschneider said.

Purdy said the increasing popularity of Tangosols grid solution pushed the company to support C++, C# and .Net. "So we opened up to be able to support any client over TCP/IP," Utzschneider said.

Meanwhile, "to date weve been working to eliminate unplanned downtime," Purdy said. "Now were working on eliminating planned downtime .... Its a data as a service concept."

The data as a service concept is like "taking the functionality with Coherence and turning it into an enterprisewide view of the data," Purdy said.

"The industry is facing several concurrent challenges: increasing demands for faster data access; opening up access to data still isolated in silos; ongoing cost pressure; continuous availability demands; and market competition driving shorter product/services delivery cycles," said Marty Dow, Chief Architect of Internet Systems at GEICO , in a statement. "Tangosol has really foreseen the need to provide flexible enterprisewide access to the data grid. I believe that this technology will prove to be very valuable to organizations implementing SOA."

Meanwhile, "The introduction of the Coherence Data Grid Solution Set will accelerate the industry move toward virtualization by lowering the barriers to accessing data throughout the enterprise," Purdy said in a statement.

In addition, in June Tangosol announced that Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide had chosen Tangosol Coherence as the companys standard data grid and clustered caching software solution. Indeed, to meet rapidly increasing demands for online access to its hotel-booking applications, Starwood is deploying Coherence to build a standard framework to access data across a distributed data grid.

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