The Facebook Effect: How the Social Network Touched 500M Users

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The Facebook Effect: How the Social Network Touched 500M Users

by Clint Boulton

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Zuckerberg Speaks

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thanks Facebook users for using his Website in this video.

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Sort Stories by Location

Mouse over the dots on the Microsoft Bing Map to see how many stories were submitted and from where. The more "likes" a story receives, the more likely it is to be featured in the forthcoming Stories "Most Popular" section.

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Sort by Theme

Users who don't want to view stories by geography can do so by diverse topics, such as college, crime fighting, music and politics.

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Facebook User Deborah Well

Deborah Well offers a sort of six degrees of separation story.

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Facebook Saves Lives

A western Pennsylvania woman turned to Facebook when she needed a kidney transplant, found a donor online and is now recovering from surgery, according to Fox News/a>.

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Facebook helped Michigan's Jesse Vial reconnect with a long-lost girlfriend to win her hand in marriage.

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Saving Lives

Sam Devon used Facebook to contact a friend to get himself rescued from a whopper of a storm.

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Finding Family

Cheryl Turner Walker used Facebook to seek out and find her father and connect with other family members for the first time.

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How to Share a Story

Users type in a brief story and can share it publicly on the Stories Web page by logging into Facebook.

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Facebook Stat Counter

Here are the latest usage statistics from Facebook where you can learn how many minutes people spend on Facebook and how many active applications are running on the site.

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