There Are Toys Everywhere at ThinkGeek

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There Are Toys Everywhere at ThinkGeek

A view inside a typical cube at ThinkGeek shows that the employees dont just sell this stuff; they use it, too.

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Office Dogs Keep an Eye on Visitors

Office assistant Harley the Dog investigates the strange sight of an eWEEK writer as he tours the Galactic HQ. Harley is one of several ThinkGeek office dogs. Wed have shown you a picture of Buford as well, but he was doing what dogs do best-sleeping.

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Toy-Cluttered Cubes Prevail

One of ThinkGeeks product buyers works in this cube-assuming he can find a way to get in and get anything done with all the critters about.

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A Menagerie of Creatures

ThinkGeek creature sculptures seem to adorn every flat surface in the ThinkGeek Galactic Headquarters.

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Toy Prototypes Abound at ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek designs many of its own products. The prototypes can be seen in various stages of development.

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Present at the Creation

Were slicin as fast as we can, Captain! This is the initial prototype of the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter. Note the level of precision.

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Bored Meeting Rooms

At least the ThinkGeek managers are playing it straight with the name of this meeting room. ThinkGeek takes the concept of the open office culture farther than most companies in the post-dot-com era.

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The Secret Formula for Geek Toy Design-Recycled Sci-Fi

The GeekLabs are where ThinkGeek does most of its product development. However, eWEEK wasnt allowed in there because of the Zombie Problem.

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Employee Lounge-Yet Another Play Space

The ThinkGeek staff takes its relaxation seriously with this fully equipped employee lounge where the games continue.

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A Place to Play Dress-Up

Most companies dont need a costume wardrobe, but most companies arent ThinkGeek. These are worn by employees when they pose with products in the company catalogue.

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Another Way Out of Starship ThinkGeek

Yes, this is the sign indicating the location of the ThinkGeek restrooms.

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