Tour Microsoft Bing on Windows Phone 7, Safari

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Tour Microsoft Bing on Windows Phone 7, Safari

by Clint Boulton

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Bing Homepage

Check out how the Bing homepage on Windows Phone 7 mirrors the desktop version of Bing.

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Weather Forecasts

Makers of Android phones like to tout how the weather widgets look. Bing isn't too shabby on Windows Phone 7.

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Check Flights

This tool, borrowing from Bing Travel, lets users check flight status.

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Getting Around

Here's what Bing Maps looks like on Windows Phone 7.

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Local Color

Check out listings for restaurants and other local businesses.

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Business Reviews

See restaurants and other local business reviews. The feature set is clearly geared to compete with Apple's iPhone and Android smartphones.

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Bing Highlights

The Bing Highlights extension for Apple's Safari browser recognizes "interesting information (or 'entities' in information science-speak) and offers you some smart choices," Microsoft said. For example, highlighting a U.S. formatted address reveals a Bing Map pop-out. Users can then interact with the map and get driving directions.

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A cool treat for those searching in languages other than those they speak: translations by highlighting text in a foreign language, which is also offered as text to speech.

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Flight Information

Users can also highlight a flight number from Bing Highlights to see up-to-date travel info.

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