Turbonomic 6.0 Right-Sizes Azure Cloud Database, Storage Use

The latest release of Turbonomic's hybrid cloud management platform allows organizations to strike a better balance between cloud utilization and costs using Azure and AWS.

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Turbonomic is venturing beyond helping enterprises manage their cloud computing resources, the hybrid cloud management specialist announced on Sept. 27 at the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Fla.

The Boston-based company officially unveiled Turbonomic 6.0, now featuring new storage and database optimization capabilities for both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with other features that enable businesses to get the most out of their hybrid cloud investments with minimal human intervention.

Old habits die hard,and in the race to cloudify IT workloads, over-provisioning emerges as one of the most persistent habits perpetuated by businesses, according to Eric Wright, technology evangelist at Turbonomic. CIOs quickly discover that over-provisioning negates many of the public cloud's cost-cutting benefits, lending credence to the idea among technology leaders that "the cloud is cheaper if you're willing to pay more," Wright told eWEEK.

Having solved the compute side of that dilemma for customers, Turbonomic is now tackling cloud storage and databases.

Turbonomic provides visibility into hybrid cloud environments and tools that enable IT teams to automatically right-size their cloud usage as the demands of their applications dictate.

It's made possible, in part, by "a common abstraction and a common data model" that help govern the platform's controls for CPU, memory, network and storage capacity that spans on-premises systems and the public cloud, a Wright explained.

Using that information and the company's resource-mapping and automated optimization technologies, Turbonomic 6.0 ensures that "allocation matches the actual demand and usage patterns" of an organization's workloads, added Wright.

Prior to the announcement, Bill Veghte, chairman of Turbonomic and former COO of Hewlett-Packard's enterprise division, told eWEEK in an interview that Turbonomic is not only unique in helping businesses automatically optimize their hybrid cloud setups, but in also helping them come to terms with the balancing act involved in delivering reliable and cost-effective applications.

Turbonomic provides visibility and "ongoing actions for customers—on-premise and on the public cloud—so their workloads can be in the optimal state from a cost, compliance and performance perspective," Veghte said. "There's nothing else on the market that enables organizations to make intelligent decisions on placing workloads [based] on those three [requirements]."

In terms of cloud storage, Turbonomic can now automatically and non-disruptively adjust the amount of capacity required by a workload, along with the regions that deliver storage services. A new relational database control feature can change a cloud database's configuration to account for both performance and cost.

For customers who purchased pre-paid or reserve capacity in the cloud, the newest release now helps businesses maximize those investments while maintaining an ideal balance between budgetary limits and elastic capacity, claims the company. Finally, Turbonomic allows users to reclaim idle and unused cloud compute and storage resources, a move that offers organizations better control over their cloud usage and as an added perk, can help reduce to the cyber-attack surface of a workload, said Wright.

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Pedro Hernandez

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