Ubuntu Linux Demonstrates New Cloud Application Store

VIDEO: Ubuntu Linux founder Mark Shuttleworth announced new cloud application store capabilities at the OpenStack Tokyo Summit.

TOKYO—In the OpenStack world, no operating system is more widely deployed than Ubuntu Linux. It's a fact that Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux, emphasized during a presentation at the OpenStack Summit here, while detailing new features that he hopes will further extend his lead.

"Would you like to see something no one has seen before?" Shuttleworth said at an exclusive event held in Tokyo alongside the OpenStack Summit.

Ubuntu 15.10 debuted last week, providing users with an updated version of OpenStack. Among the enhancements that Ubuntu 15.10 provides cloud users is an improved version of the LXD container hypervisor.

"This OpenStack Summit you can see a pure container hypervisor," Shuttleworth said. "Bare-metal performance at incredible density and speed."

Shuttleworth also hinted at some new wins for his company in the virtual network space with the Snappy Ubuntu Core technology. Snappy is a version of Ubuntu that is optimized for the Internet of things, providing an easy way to package and deploy applications.

"This week we'll be announcing that five vendors will be bringing their network control software on to Ubuntu Core," Shuttleworth said.

The LXD and Ubuntu Core news, however, wasn't the big "reveal"; rather the big new thing that Shuttleworth showed was an App store, using Ubuntu's Juju's application deployment and orchestration technology embedded into the OpenStack Horizon monitoring system dashboard.

Shuttleworth said the new app store approach is for those wondering how they're going to bring users and applications to the cloud.

"It will also work across VMware, bare metal and it will work across public clouds," Shuttleworth said. "This will allow you and your customers to work with applications, through a seamless modeling system across traditional virtualization, bare metal and OpenStack."

Watch the full video of Mark Shuttleworth's presentation below:

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Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner

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