Veritas Updates Data Management to Fit the Multi-Cloud World

Venerable storage provider also modernizes NetBackup for multi-cloud, virtual, physical and modern big data workloads.


It’s hard to believe that Veritas Technologies, one of the world’s true data storage survivors, has been privately owned and operated for two years now after concluding a contentious 10-year relationship with former owner Symantec.

The 34-year-old company is hosting its annual Vision users’ conference in Las Vegas this week, and with it came news about its data management portfolio.

Veritas made the shift to cloud storage and services quite a while back, even though many of its users are also of pre-internet heritage. To its credit, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company has kept looking forward while at the same time managing its data management and ageless NetBackup franchises well for all those longtime users.

On Sept. 19, the company unveiled several improvements to its 360 data management portfolio, including NetBackup—the company’s flagship offering—Veritas Information Map and Veritas Appliances.

Here are the highlights from the conference:

NetBackup 8.1 Adds Faster Deduplication

Backup and recovery remains a fundamental business requirement and grows in importance in a multi-cloud world. As a core capability of the Veritas 360 data management portfolio,  Veritas NetBackup 8.1 provides unified data protection for multi-cloud, virtual and physical environments that can be globally managed from a single console.

NetBackup 8.1, available at the end of September, will introduce new deduplication secret sauce—NetBackup CloudCatalyst—that enables users to take greater advantage of the cloud, Veritas said. Deduplication is often a bottleneck in storage systems, whether cloud or on-premises.

Many enterprises understand the value in using the cloud to reduce complexity and increase agility, but they also are eager to reduce recurring costs associated with storing massive volumes of secondary data on a long-term basis across multiple clouds.

By deduplicating or removing duplicate copies, NetBackup Cloud Catalyst will help users shrink the size of that data faster than most alternative solutions in the industry today. Once duplicate copies are removed, users can then store data in the cloud at potentially much lower costs while making no physical changes to the network.

The new deduplication technology will be available in multiple form factors as part of NetBackup 8.1, either as licensed software or the NetBackup Cloud Catalyst 5240 Appliance to automate a user’s path to multi-cloud environments.

Also new in NetBackup 8.1 is Veritas NetBackup Parallel Streaming, a patented capability that enables rapid data protection of in-demand, cloud-based, scale-out workloads and applications, such as NoSQL, Hadoop and Cassandra.

With others, the process to back up these critical big data workloads takes extensive amounts of time, particularly for organizations that must adhere to stringent data protection requirements, such as financial or health care institutions. NetBackup Parallel Streaming features on-demand protection for the rapid deployment of these next-generation workloads.

Information Map Has New Data Connectors

Information Map provides users with a real-time picture and interactive view of their data assets. With the Sept. 19 announcement, the visual experience of Information Map will be enhanced with connectors for 23 new data sources for both on-premises and cloud-based data storage repositories, enabling users to see what data they have across a wide array of environments.

This visibility enables users to make better decisions about what data to retain, migrate or delete and can also help ensure compliance with data regulations around the world, such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 2006) and the European Union’s forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new connectors will be generally available in the coming months at no additional cost and include Microsoft Azure Storage, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Oracle Database, Box and others.

Additional product integrations will also be available with Veritas Backup Exec, Veritas Enterprise Vault and Veritas Access, providing greater visibility into data, regardless of where it resides. Information Map is available as a stand-alone purchase or as part of the Veritas 360 Data Management Suite.

To deploy the new connectors, users  will be able to use Information Map’s new Connection Center central interface for managing all data store connectors. This also includes a sharable, plug-and-play framework to accelerate development and delivery of these and future connectors from Veritas and its worldwide technology partners.

NetBackup 5340 Appliance

Many enterprises prefer a hardware appliance form factor for their data protection and management as a means of simplifying and accelerating deployment, whether in the data center, a remote office or in the multi-cloud. The new

Veritas NetBackup 5340 appliance, which becomes available in Q4, will offer all the benefits of NetBackup 8.1 inside a high-performance, 2U integrated appliance, as well as the ability to scale and protect tens to hundreds of petabytes of data.

For more information about NetBackup 8.1, go here. For more information about Information Map, go here. For more information on Veritas Vision 2017, go here.

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