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View From the Top

The user dashboard in Alfresco Team can be customized with a variety of useful features, which are packaged as dashlets that can be arranged on screen as desired.

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At-a-Glance Document Management

The document library in Alfresco Team offers an at-a-glance view of content and the document hierarchy; document properties can be modified from this dashboard or one by one.

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Catalog Documents With Ease

Alfresco Teams document library offers powerful tools for tagging and manipulating content. The browser-based interface can allow direct editing, or check out the document for offline use.

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Layered Access for Security

Alfresco Team lets site administrators assign users to various roles, depending on how they need to interact with content.

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External Users Are Welcome

Alfresco Team makes it easy to bring in outside help to work on a project. Users are given one of the predefined access roles at the time the invitation is extended.

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Create Workflows Quickly

Alfresco Team comes with a selection of predefined workflows for document review and approval. These can be done by individual users or as a group process.

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Telling Users What They Need to Know

Alfresco workflows capture a healthy amount of detail, and display it in an easily digested format.

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View the Work of Users

Its an easy matter to see what a users been up to in Alfresco Team, which provides a dashboard view of recent work in the document library.

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