What Is Timeline?

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What Is Timeline?

Timeline is literally a montage of your life, expressed digitally in photos, videos and posts. Facebook said Timeline is a new type of profile that lets user share more about their life and discover new things through friends. Timeline includes the cover and several other tools. Read about them on this slide.

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Timeline Cover

The Timeline Cover provides users with a summary/snapshot of other users.

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This is where users can learn more poignant aspects about a person-through stories that define character.

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Your Favorite Apps

This is an aggregation of applications that users love, including Netflix and Spotify. Look for more on those applications in the next slide.

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How Apps Work

Apps that users add to Timeline are updated on the fly.

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Adding Apps

Users can easily add apps their friends enjoy.

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Sharing Songs

Once the app is added, a story is published alerting users to your activity around the app.

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Controls on Information Sharing

Of course, the activity log helps users control info that appears in their Timelines.

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More on Controls

Users can control who may see every single post, crucial for granular privacy.

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Activity Log

The Activity Log lets users control shared stories.

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Activity Close-Up

Here's a close-up of the vaunted activity log.

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The aforementioned privacy controls are really the same granular sharing options Facebook has offered in the last few months.

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Logging In

This is how to log into an app on Timeline.

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