Yammer Communities Extends Microblogging<br>to Customers, Partners

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Yammer Communities Extends Microblogging<br>to Customers, Partners

by Clint Boulton

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Yammer Communities

Private microblogging networks help users reach out from behind their firewalls to connect with partners, customers and suppliers.

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Communities Tab

The arrow points to the new Communities tab in the redesigned Yammer interface.

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Communities List

Here is a sample Yammer Communities list view.

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Community Creation

To create a community, users will input a network name, description and thumbnail, and invite other users by e-mail. Communities may be set up so that only an administrator or any user can invite new contacts to a Communities network.

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Community Toggling

Users with multiple Communities can easily toggle back and forth between various Communities networks, creating related ties between each network. The numbers in the drop-down menu indicate how many messages users have in each separate network.

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New Community

A new Customer Support Community has been created.

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Communities Directory

This is how it appears in the Communities directory.

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Manage Your Account

Under the account drop-down menu, users may manage their networks, applications and other settings.

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Communities Are Secure

Yammer pledges free and premium security tools to help protect corporate microblogging.

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Communities on the iPhone

That's right. Yammer Communities will work on Apple's iPhone at launch March 1.

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