5 Data Management Horror Stories to Avoid

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5 Data Management Horror Stories to Avoid

The transition to data in motion requires a mindset shift toward building continuous data operations capabilities that are in tune with the time-sensitive, dynamic nature of today’s data.

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Night of the Living Data

It's alive. Your data is your lifeblood, and like Dorian Gray's painting, it's doesn't age well. You've got to move fast to put it to use or it will mold and decay right before your eyes.

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Nightmare on ETL Street

Big data is the nightmare that ETL processes can't wake up from. The data sources emerge from the depths of despair, and you can't control them. Your ETL breaks as the data structure and schema drifts and shifts.

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Creature From the Hadoop Lagoon

Has your data lake become a swamp, full of old tires and rusted cars? Did you just dump anything and everything into it without realizing the gruesome spawn you were creating? How will you ever get insights from this fetid swamp?

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House of 1,000 Pipelines

It started with one simple dataflow that scaled up and grew out and connected with others until you were left with an mess that is always on the verge of collapse. Now you spend your days like the walking dead heading from fire to fire trying to keep everything running.

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The Invisible Data

I saw it, I swear. It was right there, those new fields that I know we collect, but I can't find them anywhere in my data store. And it's personally identifiable information for goodness sake. How will we survive the audit if it goes to some forbidden place!?

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Microsoft's Cortana Intelligence Aimed at Transforming Businesses

During Microsoft's Machine Learning and Data Science Summit at the Ignite conference in September, eWEEK sat down with Herain Oberoi, senior director of product management for cloud and enterprise, to discuss how data-driven intelligence is now the key strategic asset of business. "Everything that's happening in the world around us—every purchase, upload, shipment, tweet, keystroke, sensor reading and customer interaction—is producing incredibly rich data that can help us create new experiences, new efficiencies, new business models and even new inventions," he said. Using this data can be a differentiator for businesses. For example, IDC estimates companies that are leaders in using data assets to their advantage will capture $1.6 trillion more in business value than those that lag behind. Cortana Intelligence is Microsoft's family of big data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence...
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