A Day in the Life of a Datum

1 - A Day in the Life of a Datum
2 - Data Creation
3 - Data Storage
4 - Data Presented
5 - Data in the Office
6 - Data Mobilized
7 - Data Transferred
8 - Data Shared
9 - Data Managed/Collaboration
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A Day in the Life of a Datum

Each day we create and consume massive amounts of data. This slide show illustrates the journey one datum goes through from inception to reality.

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Data Creation

An engineer wakes up in the middle of the night with an idea and starts a new design concept using a virtualized CAD application running in her company's secure cloud.

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Data Storage

She saves the initial concept file in the cloud file, sync and share system (e.g., ShareFile), and returns to sleep.

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Data Presented

The engineer presents the new concept to her team in a conference room, where she receives feedback and design input (e.g., presentation/projector/video conferencing).

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Data in the Office

She accesses the concept from her workstation and refines the design and then alerts her manager and the executive team.

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Data Mobilized

The chief technology officer who is attending a conference in Europe accesses the design using the virtualized CAD application on a tablet, and approves the design and project.

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Data Transferred

After the engineer's workday ends, the engineering team in Bangalore accesses the design concept via a file sharing service and uses it as the foundation to advance the concept into reality (e.g., CloudBridge WAN optimization).

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Data Shared

The engineering team shares the design concept with a prospective partner with complementary technology in the Middle East (e.g., presentation/video conferencing/UC system such as Skype for Business).

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Data Managed/Collaboration

The engineer uploads the project status and next steps into a project management and collaboration app (e.g., Skype for Business or SharePoint).

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