AdventNet Launches New Multi-database SQL Migration Tool

The SwisSQL-SQLOne Console Release 3.0 is the latest version of the company's multi-database SQL migration tool, which specializes in automated SQL conversion, execution and comparison across multiple databases.

AdventNet, which makes database migration, network and systems management software for enterprises, launched on May 15 a new version of a product aimed at easing the prickly problem of migrating data from a SQL Server database to another DB form.

The Pleasanton, Calif.-based company introduced SwisSQL-SQLOne Console Release 3.0, the latest version of its multi-database SQL migration tool.

SQLOne Console specializes in automated SQL conversion, execution and comparison across multiple databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Informix, and ANSI-SQL database SQL dialects.

SQL migration is considered by many database administrators the most painstaking and time-consuming job in database migration projects.

Nearly 40 percent of that effort is spent in migrating SQLs, either available as stand-alone scripts or as embedded SQL statements within application code such as Visual Basic, PB, VC++ and Java.

SwisSQL SQLOne Console features a completely refurbished user interface, along with an enhanced feature set that automates the entire cycle of SQL migration/conversion.

The query translation/conversion tool uses its underlying SQLOne multi-dialect SQL parser and a SQL conversion engine to convert SQL queries from one database dialect to another, the company said.

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The multi-dialect SQL parser builds an SQL object model, and the SQL conversion engine transforms the SQL object model so that the original SQL query can be converted to different databases dialect.

To use the API from a J2EE/Java application, go here to see the SwisSQL SQLOne API.

An AdventNet customer based in France—a software publisher specializing in vehicle fleet management that uses a J2EE-based product supporting both SQL Server and Oracle—said that SQLOne console has made a big difference in its operation.

"We successfully used [it] to convert database scripts, which included complex views and queries," said Bruno Moncorge, System Architect at InfoParc, France.

"Using SQLOne Console has continuously saved us a lot of effort and time."

AdventNet maintains that relational database software is becoming a commodity and that most enterprises are taking up database migration/conversion projects—many of which to open source databases such as MySQL, SleepyCat, and others—to cut costs and management overhead.

"Manually migrating SQLs is an unproductive and tedious task due to the not-so-prominent and complicated differences between database SQL dialects," said Clarence Rozario, product manager for the SwisSQL suite of tools.

Downloads of a trial query are available here. Pricing starts at $99.

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