Aster Data Adds Column Data Store to nCluster

Aster Data nCluster 4.6 gains a column data store designed to enhance the querying capabilities of customers dealing with large data.

Aster Data has included a column data store in the latest version of its flagship data analytics server.

Added to Aster Data nCluster 4.6, the column data store will present more options for organizations dealing with large data sets, according to the vendor.

"Database administrators can [elect] to store data in a row store, column store or in both types as necessary," the company said Sept. 15. To help companies deal with those options, Aster included the Data Model Express tool, which evaluates query workloads and automatically recommends an approach that would suit the workload in question.

"Aster Data nCluster 4.6 also includes new prebuilt analytic functions, including decision trees and histograms," the company said. "For custom analytic application development, the Aster Data IDE, Aster Data Developer Express, also ... supports the hybrid row and column store" technology.

"Extending the MapReduce analytical capability to a column store within our data-analytics server is the logical next step in our continued path of innovation to enable customers to get more value more quickly from their data which is too massive to be stored in their existing data warehouse architectures," Aster Data CTO Tasso Argyros said in a statement.