BMC Readies An Upgrade for Oracle

BMC Software Inc. will take a new product tack early next year with an updated version of the company's Patrol Recovery for Oracle software.

BMC Software Inc. will take a new product tack early next year with an updated version of the companys Patrol Recovery for Oracle software.

The 2.0 version will feature multiple-database management through one interface, so users can better manage products from Oracle Corp., IBM and Microsoft Corp., said Mike Jones, director of product management at the Houston company.

Client- and Web-based remote management, log analysis and point-in-time recovery analysis are also new features, Jones said. Later this year and early next year, such features will gradually be applied to BMCs products for IBMs DB2 and Microsofts SQL Server and Exchange, he said.

Another part of BMCs plan is to work with application vendors, Jones added. "We want to continue to expand our backup and recovery capabilities for more intelligence of an application or business process data. ... The other focus area is continuing to leverage the actual intelligence in the storage product itself," he said. The ability to undo mistakes in transactions will also be an important feature in forthcoming BMC products, he said.

"It looks good; its going to give us the ability to do not just our Oracle, but also our SQL Server," said Mike Harris, an Oracle database administrator at Volvo Trucks North America Inc., in Greensboro, N.C. With another product, backups were taking an hour a day just to confirm, Harris said. "It gets pretty expensive when youre tying up a DBA [database administrator]," he said. But even with BMCs new software, managing a scale such as Volvos 70 to 80 Oracle servers is difficult. The product could also use job scheduling and failover features, Harris said. Patrol Recovery for Oracle will cost about $6,000 for an entry-level implementation and will increase with database size, officials said.