Couchbase Aims to Improve UX with Latest Database Update

Company is positioning version 5.0 of its platform as infrastructure that fits directly into the rising trend of so-called UX (user experience) IT applications that are popping up everywhere.


NoSQL database and data management software maker Couchbase doesn’t put out a new version of its frontline product very often, but when it does, it’s a substantial one.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company on Oct. 26 released—for the first time in two-and-a-half years—a new edition of its Couchbase Data Platform along with the general availability of Couchbase Server 5.0 and Couchbase Mobile 1.5.

The company is positioning version 5.0 of its platform as infrastructure that fits directly into the rising trend of so-called UX (user experience) IT applications that are popping up everywhere. Couchbase describes version 5.0 as the “engagement database” for enterprises that want to provide “revolutionary” customer experiences in mobile, enterprise and desktop applications.

If that sounds dangerously close to marketspeak, it is, but what else is new? What matters is if it gets the job done for its customers, and that remains to be seen at this early point.

New Research from IDC on This Topic

There is some research that points to the possibility that Couchbase is on the right track. This new version coincides with the Oct. 27 release of an IDC whitepaper, co-sponsored by Couchbase and Intel, entitled “Empowering Systems of Engagement: Business Value of Couchbase NoSQL Engagement Database.” The study explains the ROI impact the Couchbase Data Platform has had on enterprises worldwide, citing a whopping 274 percent ROI over a five-year period.

Too good to be true? Check it out yourself here.

Research contends that 89 percent of consumers who experience poor service with a brand will leave for a competitor, so today’s enterprises are under pressure to upgrade both their customer-facing applications and the foundation on which those applications run. Further research has shown that it takes a company an average of 12 good-experience followup interactions to win back that lost customer.

Compounding this issue is that 84 percent of IT leaders have had digital projects canceled, delayed or reduced in scope because of the limitations of their legacy database.

Since databases are the carriers of all of an enterprise’s structured data, it certainly behooves the enterprise to make sure the databases are working optimally for all this customer interaction to work in a satisfactory manner. 

Couchbase’s new platform includes:

  • Integrated Full-text Search: Allows users to build more intelligent apps that deliver richer, more engaging customer experiences. Search is now tightly integrated as a new service, which means customers can get high performance and reliability from a single platform.
  • Adaptive Indexing: Enables efficient ad-hoc queries using a single composite index.
  • Seamless Data Mobility: Seamlessly extends existing Couchbase deployments to the edge.
  • Fast Failover: Improves failure detection by identifying fewer false positives and how long it takes to perform a node failover, which results in more reliable and predictable operations and customer experiences.
  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC): Provides more complete security and regulatory compliance while simplifying security management for all users and apps across the cluster.
  • Ephemeral, In-memory Data Buckets: Allows applications to maintain datasets completely in memory, resulting in more responsive applications and efficient data management with reduced infrastructure costs.
  • N1QL Query and Index Performance Enhancements: A smarter optimizer and highly performant indexer improves application response time and performance.

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