Daily Video: Amazon Claims Aurora DB Engine Screams With Speed

Amazon Web Services introduced a major new product on Nov. 12 the—Aurora database analytics engine. Aurora is a cloud service that's touted as MySQL-compatible, fault-tolerant, scalable and secure with encryption.

It automatically replicates data across multiple Availability Zones and continuously backs up data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), which is designed for "11 nines" percent durability. Aurora also continually monitors instance health and if there is a failure, it will automatically failover to a read replica without loss of data.

At its Connect Event in New York City, Microsoft continued its push toward encouraging a DevOps culture at various enterprises. The company announced it was increasing DevOps support within its Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online platforms. The company feels that those embracing DevOps can get better details on their own applications while still delivering value to end customers.

Hewlett-Packard and Nokia are teaming up to offer a cloud-based networking platform aimed at telecom companies. The system is aimed at organizations designing next-generation network infrastructures and working to leverage network-functions virtualization capabilities.

The system will employ both HP's Helion OpenStack-based platform, which includes HP data center hardware, hypervisor and virtual management software, as well as Nokia's Cloud Application Manager.

A widespread outage linked to Google's DoubleClick advertising service disrupted access to thousands of websites for a significant period on Nov. 13. Those visiting thousands of Websites that work with DoubleClick experienced slowed or blocked access.

DynaTrace, an application performance management (APM) service company, reported that the outage, which lasted about two hours, affected more than 55,000 sites worldwide.

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