Database Market to Top $10 Billion by 2003

Aberdeen Group says database market to top $10B by 2003; database vendors eXcelon, Objectivity tout new deals.

With a recent report on the database market saying the number of new applications and specialty databases will grow in the broadening market, object database vendors are touting deals for their products.

In a recent report, the Boston-based Aberdeen Group predicted that the database market will top $10 billion by 2003 and that specialized databases and Microsofts SQL Server, by supporting high-end applications, will help expand the market for database systems.

With the market for databases growing, two object database companies last week announced new deals for their technology.

eXcelon Corp., of Burlington, Mass., announced a deal with Ordnance Survey, Great Britains national mapping agency, where eXcelons ObjectStore object database serves as the core platform for Ordnance Surveys Geospatial Object Server (GOS). Ken Rugg, eXcelons chief technology officer, said that GOS is the object-oriented repository for Ordnance Surveys OS MasterMap. The OS MasterMap is a repository of geospatial data, which features at least 400 million details on the British landscape, the company said.

"Basically, the technology were providing is an object-oriented database to help them model their data in the form theyre using it," Rugg said. "Our technology provides a database and caching architecture that lets them model and store information in a very different way."

Rugg said the GOS delivers map data in Geographic Markup Language (GML) format in response to user requests.

OS MasterMap features a Web-based service for selection and delivery, and provides users access to various views of data in the dataset.

eXcelons ObjectStore is used in telecommunications and financial services applications, among others, Rugg said.

"The power of ObjectStore is being able to model any structure you have and still have full database concurrency, consistency and control," he said.

eXcelon also markets an XML database known as the eXtensible Information Server; Javlin, a Java 2 Enterprise Edition data cache manager, as well as ObjectStore.