Database Vendor Adds Support for HP-UX

EnterpriseDB puts the support for the Unix operating system into a new version of its Advanced Server product.

EnterpriseDB is expanding its Advanced Server product line with support for HP-UX 11i v3, Hewlett-Packard's Unix operating system.

Enterprise DB officials said the move extends support for a widely-used Unix platform.

"As enterprises start to realize the benefits of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, they are increasingly deploying the database in large, mission-critical OLTP [online transaction processing] environments. Many of those environments are built on a Unix foundation," said Derek Rodner, director of product marketing at EnterpriseDB. "This offering allows companies to continue to leverage their existing infrastructure."

The company announced the HP-UX support Dec. 5.

Built on the open source PostgreSQL relational database, Advanced Server version 8.2 hit the streets earlier this year courtesy of EnterpriseDB, which also provides PostgreSQL technical support, services and training. PostgreSQL maintains a small presence in the database market, remaining behind both MySQL and the top proprietary database vendors in adoption.

Still, its user-base is growing. A survey of 226 members of the Independent Oracle Users Group released in October found 20 percent use PostgreSQL—more than double the 9 percent who reported using PostgreSQL in an IOUG survey in 2006.

The latest version of Advanced Server was made generally available in June and incorporates all of the performance and feature upgrades of the PostgreSQL 8.2 database. The product also featured improved Oracle compatibility and migration from Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Sybase databases. EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.2 also supports the Oracle Call Interface, a set of APIs used to interact with Oracle databases. The feature is designed to broaden the range of Oracle applications that can run on EnterpriseDB with minimal or no modification.

"For enterprise customers running business-critical applications on their servers, security and continuous availability are key," Brian Cox, director of software planning and marketing of Business Critical Systems at HP, said in a statement. "EnterpriseDB's open source Postgres foundation, with its solid reputation for enterprise-class performance, is a perfect complement to the security, reliability and availability that HP-UX provides."

EnterpriseDB Advanced Server 8.2 for HP-UX 11i v3 is available as a free download, with license and technical support subscriptions priced at $5,995 per CPU per year.

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