dbaDirect Portal Gets New Interface

dbaDirect beefs up its clientDirect Portal with a new, interactive, graphical interface.

dbaDirect Inc. has put a new, interactive, graphical interface on its clientDirect Portal, a hosted Web-based user information portal that provides customers with a view of their database environment.

clientDirect features a homepage that displays a five-tab layout. New viewing features in Version 2 include Event Calendar, Event Graphing, Event Summary Matrix, Advanced Event Search Capabilities, "Instant View" of the last 10 events and Significant Events Listing.

The portal features four report options: Trend Reports, which facilitate long-term database trend and performance analysis with graphs based on user-selected parameters and data sets; Quick Reports, which provide graphical and table summary formats of database performance trends on an hourly basis; Mining Reports, which enable trend analysis by providing the ability to mine performance data according to user-specified time periods; and Event Reports, which highlight monitored events encountered over time so that users can identify repetitive problems and improve future resource planning.

The portals event tracking capabilities enable users to track monitored events within the database environment concurrently with dbaDirects response to a given issue from the time of initial occurrence through problem resolution.

clientDirect also features a search engine that enables users to pinpoint specific events and to generate summaries by specifying parameters including server name, ticket number, last number of events, elapsed days, status type, event type and critical level.

The portals online service request is a 24x365 feature that allows users to attach documentation, to specify database servers and to set priority levels for service requests.

Upcoming features include real-time server status that will feature the current status of the entire database environment as well as individual servers from a single graphical display. This feature will be released "soon," company officials in Cincinnati said, and will be available for an additional fee. Portal access is provided to all subscribing customers of dbaDirects remote database administration services.