DBmaestro's TeamWork Pushes DevOps Into Microsoft SQL Server Shops

The company's database change management product brings DevOps to SQL Server environments, putting a huge chunk of the database market within its reach.

DevOps is hot, and now one company is bringing the collaborative, agile development strategy to organizations with SQL database server deployments.

DBmaestro, a DevOps software specialist, has launched a version of its TeamWork product for Microsoft SQL Server, enabling the company to address 65 percent of the database market. DBmaestro TeamWork is already available for Oracle.

A mash-up of software development (Dev) and operations (Ops), the term "DevOps" describes a methodology that promotes communication and collaboration between software developers and IT professionals, uniting both camps under integrated processes. The aim is to produce better, revenue-enhancing software at an agile pace while avoiding turf wars, which have a habit of erupting at IT organizations.

DevOps is gaining in popularity as enterprises embrace the rapid pace of software innovation that has come to characterize the cloud computing era. Last week, during its Build developer conference, Microsoft launched a new Azure portal preview that provides a cloud-enabled DevOps experience for developers. "Developing for a mobile-first, cloud-first world is complicated, and Microsoft is working to simplify this world without sacrificing speed, choice, cost or quality," stated the company's new Cloud and Enterprise chief, Scott Guthrie.

DBmaestro is hoping to bring some of those same benefits to SQL Server shops.

DBmaestro's TeamWork "DevOps for Database" technology is a database change management platform. It helps prevent coding overrides or out-of-process updates, according to the company. Additionally, it keeps teams on the same page, synchronizing their efforts and smoothing the path from testing to full-blown production.

Another perk for developers: improved productivity. DBmaestro asserts that TeamWork simplifies and combines "the development and version control process into a single process," driving efficiency as developers cook up new code.

TeamWork adheres to "all the best practices for Database Enforced Change Management (DECM)," claimed DBmaestro in a statement. Apart from its ability to streamline related IT operations, the company asserts that the product slashes the time that it takes to complete database projects from weeks to days and enables organizations to dedicate their technical resources to non-mundane tasks.

In a statement, DBmaestro CEO Yariv Tabac called TeamWork for SQL Server "a major milestone" for his company. "We are now entering a large new market of companies, especially small to mid-size businesses, which use SQL Server as their database platform, in addition to our existing clients who use both Oracle and SQL Server."

Businesses seeking to incorporate DevOps into their Microsoft SQL Server environments can potentially achieve major savings in both time and money, he added. "Our DECM solution will now also allow SQL server users to massively reduce deployment costs by reducing the [man] hours required to generate, test, and update the database delta scripts."

Pedro Hernandez

Pedro Hernandez

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