Easing SQL Server Backup, Recovery

DBAssociatesIT is aiming to make backup and recovery of Microsoft's SQL Server databases fast and painless with the latest version of its database backup tool.

DBAssociatesIT Corp. is aiming to make backup and recovery of Microsoft Corp.s SQL Server databases fast and painless with SQL LiteSpeed 3, the latest version of its database backup tool.

SQL LiteSpeed 3, which the company released on Thursday, features a data compression and encryption engine fronted by a graphical console that offers guided backup and recovery. The software is Yukon- and 64-bit-ready and is compliant with Windows 2003 and .Net.

According to officials, the softwares compression yields storage savings of between 50 to 95 percent for SQL Server backups. They also claim that SQL LiteSpeed hastens backup times in the realm of 50 to 75 percent faster.

The upgrade features improved job management, with advanced job scheduling, a detailed history of jobs, and the ability to check the integrity of databases and database tables.

Harv Sidhu, a vice president who manages the SQL Server group for Merrill Lynch, in Hopewell, N.J., said that the upgrades assisted recovery, wherein SQL LiteSpeed 3 recommends files that require backing up, will be helpful.

His group is using the tool for database backup that involves moving around hundreds of gigabytes of data—a task that probably couldnt have been done before his group started using the product two years ago, Sidhu said. SQL LiteSpeed makes it possible with its ability to perform compressed backups, the reduced time to restore those compressed backups and because of its small footprint.

"Thats really saving our skin at the moment," he said. "The backup file sizes would have been much bigger [before using the product]. It takes longer to do those backups, and when you copy from one server to the next, it takes that much longer. And it takes longer to restore them. SQL LiteSpeed is cutting through all of that. We can do things in minutes or hours that would have taken us hours and days. I dont know how we would have survived without this, actually." SQL LiteSpeed 3 costs $345 for a one-CPU SQL Server instance, $645 for a two-CPU instance and $1,195 for a four-CPU instance. Encryption to secure disk backups and on tape for on- and off-site costs $495. DBAssociatesIT, in Melbourne, Australia, offers support in tandem with Edgewood Solutions, in Merrimack, N.H.